Dana Prieto

2022 Program & Exhibition Artist

Dana Prieto (born in 1984, Argentina; lives in Toronto, Canada) is an artist and educator with a site-responsive art practice that manifests in installation, performance, writing and diverse collaborations. Her work examines our intimate and collective entanglements with colonial institutions and power structures, calling for careful attention to ways of relating, thinking, making and consuming in the Anthropocene. Dana holds a Master of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto, and her work has been presented in national and international galleries, public spaces and informal cultural venues.

Participated in the “Rabbit Hole: Pod Theory” Residency, 2020.

Exhibit #14

Dana Prieto at Small Arms Inspection Building

In October 1992, the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) purchased the Arsenal Lands, a 15.7-hectare property located on the City of Mississauga’s waterfront and the site of the Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB). Alongside this acquisition, the TRCA performed an environmental audit of the land to determine the extent of contamination associated with its prior […]

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