Chiedza Pasipanodya (chee-ed-za pasi-pano-jga) is a member of the Public Programming and Learning Team, supporting Clare Butcher, Myung-Sun Kim, and Ilana Shamoon as the Curatorial Assistant. As a practicing artist, curator, and writer, and with a decade of work in community building, Chiedza is committed to creating spaces for those on the peripheries and engaging with themes of liberation, legacy, unearthing, and the in-between. Prior to joining the TBA team, Chiedza studied at OCAD University where she received a BFA with distinction in Criticism and Curatorial Practices, and the Art Works Art School and Gallery Award, awarded to a student whose work defines or redefines the meaning of community. Her thesis research was titled New Perspectives on Black Women Artists in Canada Participating in the Arts for The Long Term.