Storytelling for the 2022 Biennial created a hybrid model of contemporary art mediation, which combined modes of conventional interpretation with artist-led, narrative and embodied responses. Storytellers offered weekly walks and conversations to intergenerational audiences, and shared personal insights and experiences of the city as they guided visitors through the Exhibition’s installations, research, and political perspectives. Taking us along hidden river routes, through archives, and into speculative futures, Storytellers brought submerged narratives related to Toronto’s shifting shorelines and landscapes to the surface.

Storytelling Sessions for the 2022 Biennial took place at 72 Perth Avenue, Small Arms Inspection Building, 5 Lower Jarvis, and Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto.

Storytelling at the Small Arms Inspection Building with Nicole Markland at Jeffrey Gibson's ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL, 2015. Photo by Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias.

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